ShelterFest is an online, streaming music festival created in Sacramento CA. debuted on October 10, 2020. The festival provided financial support to venues along with shelter and resources for unsheltered youth in our community. The concept was created based the on observations and concerns of a group of artists, musicians and creatives.

TUBE. teamed up with ShelterFest to curate a festival preshow of what artists, musicians and creative folks have been up to since March. We found the artists and musicians and ShelterFest assembled and streamed the talent. We were so over the moon with all the submissions we received we decided to share them here as well. Below is a gallery of still artwork from artists Deane Davis, Daniel James, Emma Montalbano, Heather Hogan, Jared Konopitski, Jermaine Deandre, Kevin Gomez, Lauren Margaux, Melisa Kayaer, Micah Young, Rachel Harcourt, Rich Beckermeyer, Richard Muñoz-Moore, Sarah Elliott, and Serena Cole, we will be posting video submissions separately from Dakota Fitzsimmons, Heather Uroff, and Tyler Coe.

90% of all festival proceeds went to struggling venues which included Press Club, Old Ironsides, Torch Club, Cafe Colonial and Luna’s Cafe. 10% of proceeds went to Sac Safe Space.

If you missed the festival have no fear, a download of the stream will be available in the near future. Learn more about ShelterFest by visiting their website.