MAGA hat submerged in urine

This year and this administration have been frighteningly apocalyptic for a lot of us. Artist Richard Muñoz-Moore is fighting back in his new show Dystopia. He calls it his “artistic clap-back to the Trump administration for the divisive rhetoric that is the bedrock of their movement.”

MAGA hat submerged in a jar of urine, photographed from multiple angles.
“MAGA Hat in Mexican Piss” by Richard Muñoz-Moore

Dystopia is comprised of drawings, paintings, and sculptures made over the last four years and addresses many issues including race, women’s rights, COVID-19, gun control, and the cult phenomenon that is MAGA.

Portrait of Vladimir Putin by Richard Muñoz-Moore
“The President’s Handler” by Richard Muñoz-Moore

Muñoz-Moore is a self-taught, full-time artist who is “most intrigued by painting the human experience, pop culture as well as social and political issues.” His work has been showcased in over 30 gallery shows and several nationally juried exhibitions. Muñoz-Moore works out of his home in Elk Grove, where he lives with his husband and three dogs.

Drawn image of many mouths, baring teeth all over the place.
“Patients in the Hall” by Richard Muñoz-Moore

This is an online show hosted by Kaneko Gallery at American River College.
The show runs from October 1 – November 30. The exhibit can be accessed on the Kaneko Gallery’s site. You can find more of Richard Muñoz-Moore’s work on his Instagram.

Words: Katta Hules. Images courtesy of the artist.

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