“Surrender is about coming to terms with the result of a break-up. The title came from the lyric “When I’m in your arms I can finally surrender” in I Feel Alive by TOPS. All of the songs have sentimental value to me and the many feelings I’ve had during the entire process. These mixed feelings have stemmed from reminiscing on the past to attempting to come to terms with the outcome. I like the mixture of genres and tempos because it feels like it represents my good and bad days. Some of the songs have upbeat happy melodies but messages that just unfortunately hit me right in the heart.” – Sarah Kamiya

Sarah Kamiya is an artist based in the Sacramento Area. She graduated in 2019 from California State University East Bay with her BFA in Traditional Art. Her work consists of still life painting and drawings. Find her work on Instagram @srkmiya or her website at srkamiya.com

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