Posters displaying the name of Black people killed by police telling readers to "Say their names" and "No justice! No peace!"

With the tragic murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and riots over the last weeks on top of the coronavirus, we are living in interesting times. Hopefully, we will see justice and positive change come out of this. If you’re wondering how we got to this moment, here are some books and a video that are a good start for educating yourself.

 This is only a short, and by no means comprehensive, list to start you on your way. The books on this list are not easy reading, but they are well worth the effort and necessary, especially for those of us who will never have these experiences and need to take it upon ourselves to learn and do better. These authors have taken the time and emotional labor to make these resources available. The least we can do is use them.

In addition, actively searching out Black artists, musicians, activists, TV shows, movies, and authors of all genres is a great way to learn without placing the burden of educating you on your Black friends, family, significant others, or colleagues. Buy from Black businesses, order from Black restaurants, and vote for anti-racist politicians. Putting your money, votes, and your views/listens towards supporting the Black community long after these protests are over will help keep the ball rolling towards change.

What books/podcasts/documentaries/content has helped you learn about the history behind police brutality and the Black community?

Words: Katta Hules

Photo: Endre Hules

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