The Mask You Know by Jabari Weathers.
The First Grand Face by Jabari Weathers
The First Grand Face by Jabari Weathers. “This piece was for a personal worldbuilding project that is still ongoing but has taken some really sharp left turns in the past few years that have caused me to re evaluate the kind of fiction I want to make and create art for. That said, I’m still proud of this piece, and it was a turning point for my relationship with Gouache, which is the medium all five of these shown pieces were rendered in!”

Baltimore, Maryland native Jabari Weathers is a sci-fi/fantasy illustrator and a tabletop roleplaying and narrative game designer with a dark tinge. They are attracted to points of tension and paradox in stories. Consequentially, they are highly conscious of similar instances in real life and how it translates into their work. “My fantastic work doesn’t feel fantastic for me a lot of the time because it’s trying to process my feelings on the tensions that affect my life through surreal and fantastic imagery,” they told TUBE. “Some of what I work to do is try to reconcile the narrative language that I’ve been granted for a predominantly ‘white and male’ market and genre that I recognize hasn’t made an obvious or very visible place for me, a person of color. Leaning into that has challenged me to extract what I like in the media that I consume, what I want to challenge in myself, and empowered me to try to carve a place for myself to creatively share with the world.”

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Words: Katta Hules. Images courtesy of the artist.

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