Unibrow Collective Zine Fest. Verge Center for the Arts. Sacramento CA. May 25, 2019.

We had a blast at the Unibrow Collective’s second annual Sacramento Zine Fest which took place on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 in the gallery of Verge Center for the Arts. Vendors independently publish zines, books, and artwork.

Zines come in all shapes and sizes but primarily fit the bill of a smaller in size, self-published maga-zine. Content of zines may range from poetry and creative writing, to music and fashion review, to feminism and POC empowerment, to any art book made solo or collaboratively.

Unibrow Collective is a Sacramento based art collaborative, comprising of Natalye Valentina and Daniel Alejandro Trejo, that seeks to help in the cultivation of the Central Valley’s burgeoning contemporary art culture by erasing artist divisions and blending the boundaries of “high” and “low” art into a unified one.

Photography Sarah Elliott.

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