Penelope Lenaerts with her work in 2017. Photo Melissa Uroff

‘Papier’ an exhibit of work by Penelope Lenaerts opens at WAL Public Market Gallery on June, 7th 2019 from 6-8 PM.

“As an artist, I care about issues regarding sustainability and human interaction in the natural world. The female experience plays a large role in my life and practice, and my work celebrates feminine form…These pieces [included in Papier] are an expression of the movement of feminine forms through nature. I think a lot about nostalgia while I draw; a longing for simplicity and dreamlike images from my childhood become expressions of my past. Repetition and pattern in my work talk about movement and mirror the organic shapes of the natural world.”

Lenaerts created the cover page for TUBE.s 6th issue, which you may find here. If you would like to purchase that issue click here.

The gallery is located at 1104 R St, inside the WAL Public Market in Sacramento CA.

Learn more about the artist here.

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