We are happy to share with you the exclusive release of Vinnie Guidera and The Dead Birds very first music video, ‘Part of the Act’.

Outside influences are sometimes needed to get an artist’s vision in concrete detail, which requires different but similar thinking- a practical and perfect way of how collaborations should work in music. A concept can come into the picture but if an artist is asking for a little extra help, they are going to ask the people they know best to make their idea become fully animated. Vinnie Guidera saw this from his friends in the beginning while trying to get his ideas across but then eventually found it’s way into the project that we see today with Vinnie Guidera and The Dead Birds. On the release of their new album, Shedding, Vinnie shared some insight on his new material and video and how the project became to be.  

Tube Magazine: How did the project come to be? Also, what was the collective influence you were trying to convey in the beginning in 2015 with Lows?

Vinnie Guidera: Kevin [Hayes, bass], Ian [McDonald, drums] and I have been playing together on and off since high school. This band evolved from a solo project where I called on them and a few other friends to help me build up some of my acoustic songs for what was meant to be a one-off show. We had fun and trimmed it down to a three-piece and that ended up being a permanent arrangement.

Since the last album from 2015, how did you approach new material for your latest release?

Lows was a little more mellow than Shedding because we were working from existing solo songs before, whereas I’m writing specifically for the full band now. There’s a lot more dynamic space covered in the new songs, which I think gave the guys more creative breathing room.

In your new video “Part of the Act”, it seems that technology plays a part with perception of self and duplicity. Do you see that past technology plays a part with your songwriting or a theme that parallels with other subjects?

I wouldn’t say technology plays a role in the songwriting, but it serves as more of a visual translation of the content. This song is about depressive dissociation and the contrast between self-perception and outside perception. The idea for the video was to depict some of that distortion and noise and internal static while projecting a façade of functionality for anyone who may be watching. Jake Kilgore directed and edited the video and Ryan Pehrson assisted with filming, and they did a great job helping me bring that concept to life.

Why did you choose “Part of the Act as the lead single to lead with?

The themes in “Part of the Act” are representative of Shedding as a whole. It felt like a good song to pair with a visual component to expand on the album art and imagery.

Any shows coming up with the release of the latest album? 

We’ve always got a few Sacramento shows on the calendar, and we’re working on booking a handful of dates up and down the west coast this summer. Facebook and Instagram are the best ways to stay up to speed with those.

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Words Jake Monka

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