“NOT YOUR BUNNY’ is currently on display at WAL Public Market Gallery located in Sacramento CA. The exhibit includes paintings, murals, and installations created by artist Lin Fei Fei.

Lin Fei Fei in her studio. Sacramento CA. Photo Melissa Uroff

“The theme for my April show is ‘NOT YOUR BUNNY’ so often in life, we are quick to judge what we see. It’s normal to make assumptions and generalize when meeting individuals or being placed in certain situations. But unfortunately, we very often err in these judgments as things are often not what they seem and there’s more than meets the eye. My Chinese sign is a bunny and with that label, and the fact that I’m a small and unassuming woman, comes to the perception that I’m timid or weak. This could not be further from the truth and in my experience, the world is full of “bunnies” just like me. This series promotes the revolt against this perception and embraces the spirit of “anti.” All those in the world who feel labeled and marginalized by others need to understand that it’s ok to be a bunny on the outside as long as you let your inner tiger drive you to success. Only through embracing what we truly are can we begin to shake these misconceptions, achieve a true projection of who we are, and show that we all are not what you think we are.” -Lin Fei Fei

Photography Daniel James and Melissa Uroff

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