Tess Gallagher in her studio. February 2019. Photo Melissa Uroff
Tess Gallagher in her studio in Sacramento CA. February 2019. Photo Melissa Uroff

Tess Gallagher is a visual artist based in Northern California. She received her Bachelors of Art in Art Studio from California State University, Sacramento in 2014. Her creative practice is centered around the development of drawings that are further informed by her installation. Her gestures are directly connected to the movements found in nature. She facilitates internal environments that further the potential of the external world. Through a process of discovery, she forms continuous lines in the landscape, that become patterns of natural formations. Combined with physical movements, instinct and intuition become visual documentation of her inner life. From the mountains east of Sacramento to the city itself, she is a part of both. The body is an instrument, a tool, a vessel, and force.

Tess will be debuting her upcoming show Tectonic Cloud at the WAL Public Market Gallery Friday, March 1st, from 6-8PM. The work included in this exhibition was made over the course of two years and will include a site-specific installation. Each piece explores feelings of the unknown in relation to the landscape. The artist selected work with the intention that each piece will contribute to the construction of a visual timeline.

The gallery is located at 1104 R St, inside the WAL Public Market, down the hall past Fish Face Poke Bar and Camellia Coffee Roaster. Closing reception and artist talk will be held on March 26th. For more information about the show click here and to stay up to date with the gallery follow them on Instagram here.


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