“I used to think that I could never lose anyone if I photographed them enough.

In fact, my pictures showed me how much I’ve lost.”-Nan Goldin

Swing Away, Cafe Colonial, Sacramento, CA. November 16, 2018. Photo Benz Doctolero

First shows, welcome backs, I met you theres, dances, birthdays, tour stops, album releases, root beers, spoken word, circle pits, stickers everywhere, pins, patches, “We got some merch in the back!” video games, movie nights, “Hey, no alcohol outside!”, benefit shows, boots stomping, leather jacket, mohawks, your best suit, that goth girl that looks like Winona Ryder, “Are you in line for the bathroom?”, broken window, setlist, graffiti, sidewalk smoking, “Order number 21?”, parking lot hangouts on a beautiful night.

Cafe Colonial has been near and dear to TUBE.’s heart since the very beginning of our existence. On November 16th and 17th, the fourth and final Colonial Fest took place before the Sacramento venue closed its doors. Have a look at the final festival below and if you are feeling nostalgic check out past years here, and here.

Words and Photos Benz Doctolero and Cam Evans.

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