Ritual by Irina Nordsol

Russian artist Irina Nordsol’s gorgeous work is full of fantasy and magic. Though now Moscow-based she is originally from Yakutia, a republic in Russia that she says has “crazy cold winters and very hot summers, shamanic paganism, awesome nature, and a bunch of mammoth bones, and that is a huge inspiration for me.” She loves exploring Nordic Shamanism as well as “everything dark, demonic or mythological” in her work. In addition, she is inspired by archeology and looks to create more diversity in her work. “I love how beautiful and diverse our world is, that is something [I want] to show.”

White Woods by Irina Nordsol

Currently, she’s working mostly in fantasy illustration but is planning to explore concept art and more abstract illustration. “I really enjoy all the exploration in the process of getting better in art and [am] excited about what awaits!” Nordsol and her work can be found on Artstation, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Words: Katta Hules. Images courtesy of the artist.

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