The Struts recently had a sold-out show at Ace of Spades where they played their hits to an adoring crowd. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to see the England based quartet, don’t make that mistake the next time they come around. The band is led by Luke Spiller who embraces glam influences from Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and T. Rex’s Marc Bolan. He had the crowd jumping in what was a high energy show from their opener “Primadonna Like Me” through their set closer “Could Have Been Me.”

The Struts, Ace of Spaces, Sacramento CA. Photo Daniel James. 2018

As much as Spiller is a constantly riveting presence, The Struts are no one man band. Drummer Gethin Davies delivered a metronomic beat that the rest of the band played in and out of. Adam Slack’s guitar combines with Jed Elliott’s bass playing to provide a garage-y sound that contrasts nicely with the shimmering vocals. Though they wear their influences on their fringe-adorned sleeves, they are not simply a retro-glam band. Each song was a carefully crafted blast of pop with enough grime and spirit to make unmistakably their own.

Shortly after they took the stage, the familiar finger snapping of “Body Talk” had the crowd hopping to the global hit. If you have heard the Struts and thought you knew what they were about, you just might be missing the big picture. They exist to put on a show, not to hide the music, but to complement songs that seem as fit for a major arena as well as a local club. If you love rock, showmanship with hook-laden songs, do yourself a favor, grab tickets and some music-loving friends the next time they come to a city near you.
Check out US tour dates, happening now through March, and have a listen here.

Words and photography Daniel James.

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