Thunderpussy, Ace of Spaces, Sacramento CA. Photo Daniel James

Sacramento welcomed the mighty Thunderpussy to Ace of Spades and what they delivered in return was a set of straight-ahead rock that left the crowd glowing with sweat and a reaffirmed faith in the power of music. The band clearly enjoys playing with each other and for an enthusiastic crowd. Their songs while varied share DNA with 70s rockers and 80s hair bands with a punk spirit. Many bands rely on pyrotechnics, dancers and carefully crafted visuals, but with Thunderpussy, the only entertainment you need comes from the four musicians on stage.

Molly Sides grabbed her microphone and from the opening notes put on a class on fronting a band that many shoe gazers would be wise to check out. Stalking the stage like a predator on the prowl, she had the crowd singing along the whole way. The guitar riffs from Whitney Petty are the perfect crunchy compliment to Sides’ vocals. Leah Julius on bass and Ruby Dunphy on drums provide a solid backbeat for songs from the Seattle-based band.
Their set list pulled heavily from their eponymous debut with songs “Speed Queen,” “Velvet Noose,” and “Thunderpussy” resonating particularly well with the crowd. These ladies from the Emerald City are worth seeking out, especially if they are coming to your city for a live show where they are guaranteed to deliver the goods.
Learn more about Thunderpussy, listen to their music and find out where to catch them live here.
Words and photography Daniel James.

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