Leaveswell in front of his mural at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento CA. October 14, 2018. Photo Melissa Uroff

Leaveswell is a Sacramento based artist who works in both large- and small-scale works. In his large-scale murals and smaller cardboard weavings, Leaveswell’s artwork brings together vibrant colors and pattern in perfect harmony. The mind manifesting linework in his murals are bright and organic and feel as though you’re walking through a kaleidoscope.

The cardboard weavings, though cohesive with his murals, feel as if he approaches them in the complete opposite fashion. They include hard geometric lines and strategic planning, though there is softness and fragility found through the organic material of the cardboard.

Learn more about Leaveswell on his website here and on Instagram here.

Words: Melissa Uroff. Images courtesy of the artist and photographers.


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