Rampel by Jenny Hawkyard
Graphic designer turned full-time artist, Jenny Hawkyard studied and worked in Canada for eleven years before returning to her hometown in Cardigan, Wales. She came back two years ago to pursue her first love of art and illustration and now runs a small shop and open studio. Her brilliantly colored, otherworldly work is created in a range of mediums from pastel to watercolors to mixed media to digital illustration. “My work tends towards the mysterious and magical, with a touch of whimsy,” Hawkyard told TUBE.
The Fay King by Jenny Hawkyard
She currently has two ongoing projects. The first is The Totem Project, where she explores spirit animals and animal totems, while also “celebrating and raising awareness of the rich animal life on this planet that should be cherished and protected.” The second, Seraphim, is inspired by angelic lore as well as “a softer and more emotional side to the masculine form.”

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Jenny Hawkyard shares her techniques on the teaching platform Skillshare. Her work can be found on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and Twitter.
Words: Katta Hules. Images Courtesy of the artist.

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