Thursday, September 13 The Indiana Bones Grrrly Show took the Harlow’s stage. The Grrrly Show is a true variety show which left everyone not only laughing but excited for more. Thursday’s show was the second quarterly installment hosted by Lucinda Buttons and included: classic burlesque, zouk dancing with RubyFuse, comedy, feats of hula hooping athleticism by Laura Hoopspicorn, and a hip hop performance by Miss Moon Magic. Burlesque performers were not all local but traveled from all over Northern California and included dancers from the Indiana Bones Burlesque classes, Sin Sisters Burlesque troupe from Santa Cruz, Bungalow Bunnies from Stockton and San Francisco’s Hubba Hubba Revue.

The Grrrly Show also highlighted Sacramento based visual artist with a Makers Mart.  Clothing by American Cream, crafts by Purna Petals and many more were present to share their work, sell crafts and prints all while supporting the Sacramento arts community. TUBE. sat down with artistic creator of The Grrly Show, Indiana Bones, to learn what makes her tassels twirl:

TUBE: Burlesque is a sensual and empowering art form. What drew you to burlesque dancing and performing?

Bones: Honestly, I’d say post-partum depression. It’s something a lot of women don’t talk about, as if it implies that you don’t love your kids. Of course I adore my children. After pregnancy and nursing for 4 years straight, I felt like my body was no longer my own, and I wanted to do something to reclaim my body. So I started exploring burlesque dancing. I’ve always been a dancer, mostly ballet, but when I found burlesque I had never found a dance that made me feel so powerful and in my own skin. I’m also drawn to the comedic and theatrical side, and satirizing things that are really bothering me. It’s a way of coping.

TUBE: What is the inspiration behind the Grrrly Show and how do you envision the December revue?

Bones: It’s a variety format with a Makers Mart so that I can really collaborate with a wide range of performing and visual artists. I love the collaboration aspect of producing my own show. I hope to bring in another mix of local one out of town performers and artists for the next one.

TUBE:The Grrrly show is a variety show. What are you looking for in performers?  

Bones: Whatever your art form is, I’m looking for people that put the work into their craft and deliver top notch entertainment.

TUBE: Many of the performers in the Grrrly Show are also students of Indiana Bones Burlesque. Are your classes for beginners and where can our readers learn more?  

Bones: There’s info on my website Every skill level, age, and gender is welcome.

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Learn more about the artists at last week’s Makers Mart below.


MP Young


Lynn Tobin

American Cream

Purna Petals

Great Raven Design Co


Salty Redhead

Words, video, and photos: Joey Miller.

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