I Love This Band! is a new series where TUBErs get to release their inner fan and talk directly about the bands they love. 

Anyone who has had a conversation about music with me in the last few months has probably heard about my new obsession/infatuation: Ghost (also known in America as Ghost BC). The Swedish metal band has and continues to blow my mind. It’s not just because singer and mastermind of the band Tobias Forge (aka Papa Emeritus aka Cardinal Copia) has the voice of a demon angel (call me) (oh god, please don’t, I’ll just embarrass both of us), or the Satanic church aesthetic the band wholeheartedly adopts, or their amazing live shows (best concert I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a lot of concerts).



It’s the music, pure and simple. Throughout their catalog Ghost’s sound is taut, operatic, darkly beautiful, and strangely empowering. When I’m having a shitty day or feeling overwhelmed, I listen to Meliora or Prequelle. When I need something to blast with the windows down, I put on “Faith” or “Missionary Man.” When I’m feeling broken and unhealthy, listening to “Ghuleh” makes me feel seen. If/when we get married, my boyfriend and I have already decided we’re dancing to “Life Eternal.”



Ghost isn’t for everyone. If Satanic imagery puts you off or offends you, look elsewhere, but if you like it here in the dark, boy do I have a band for you.


Words: Katta Hules.

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