The Sacramento community recently experienced a great loss when artist and friend Nathan Cordero passed away on August 15th. Those that knew Nate can say that he was kind, funny, genuine, smart and most of all present. The community is exploding with stories of love for a man who impacted artists, fishermen, metal detectors and basically every person he encountered. He will be greatly missed.

We (TUBE.) were in the process of interviewing Nate at the time of his passing, in lieu of words we would like to share his incredible artwork with you in hopes that anytime you see a pack of Marlboros, a block of wood, an old rusty treasure in the dirt, a pair of painters pants, a safety pin, or if you simply sit down and “stay awhile” you will think of this incredible human.

Words and photo of Nathan Cordero Melissa Uroff

Photos of artwork via Instagram

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