Lin Fei Fei moved to America from Shenyang China after completing her Masters degree in oil painting at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. She now resides in Sacramento CA.  This international artist has exhibited her work in Europe, Asia and the United States.  Lin’s paintings combine abstract elements with realism resulting in surreal portraits of both people and animals that land a little on the dark side. Using primarly black white, and grey paint, her work envokes the raw emotions of what it is to be human.

When she is not creating you can find her curating both locally and internationally.  In 2017 Fei curated “East Meets West” in which she brought a handful of Sacramento artists work to Shenyang China (read our chat with her about that show here).  In 2017 she also took a traveling show titled ” Put it above the table” throughout China which featured artworks that were 3mm in size created by American artists.

Lin recently finished an incredible mural at 58 Degrees & Holding Co. and is now taking a part of Sacramento Mural Festival Wide Open Walls.  Wide Open Walls kicks off August 10th, Lin Fei Fei’s location is at 1517 21st Street.  58 Degrees & Holding Co. is hosting a launch party on August 11th where you can meet the artist and even pick up a print or two of her work.

Learn more about Wide Open Walls here and about Lin Fei Fei here.

Words Melissa Uroff

Photos Dan Tyree



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