Sacramento punk legends The Bananas play an average of three shows a year. One of these rare appearances took place over the weekend at the Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen, a volunteer-run tool and maintenance co-op for bicycle enthusiasts. If you’ve been part of the Sacramento music scene long enough, you will eventually hear about The Bananas and how great their shows are.

Much like the band, the Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen is a good time tucked away in plain sight by a railroad track in Midtown Sacramento. The Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen never has covers for their shows and offer beer for donations. This setup makes the event feel less like a show that one buys into and more like a special experience owned by the scene.

Their set was followed by the four-piece band The Plastic Shoelaces, who recently released a new album, Reading The Maker, a week prior. The bill was closed out by The Four Eyes, another longtime Sacramento band whose members helped to stitch the fabric of the city’s music scene.

The next Second Saturday is August 11th and will feature The Nickel Slots, Fifty Watt Heavy, and Mezcal Aces. Tickets are free. Find out more here. Make a night of it and celebrate the 25th Anniversary show of The Four Eyes at Old Ironsides that same day. More info here

Photos: Benz Doctolero.

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