Art from Drugs and Wires by Mary Safro

Cryo (aka Cryoclaire aka Mary Safro) is a former video game artist turned 2D illustrator. The UK based Latvian native is the co-creator (with Io Black) of Drugs & Wires a webcomic that explores an alternate history 1990s “where advanced cybernetics live alongside floppy disks and off-brand ICQ messengers,” as she told TUBE. in a recent email. The story follows Dan, a “bitter, burned-out VR operator and serial addict trying to put his life back together after frying his brain with malware.”

Cover Art by Mary Safro for Volume 1

Drugs & Wires is a darkly humorous and beautifully drawn grungy cyberpunk story. The creators are currently running a Kickstarter to make Volume 1, a paper collection of the whole comic to date. Check out the campaign here. You can also read the comic on its website or on Tapas. Learn more about Cryo on Twitter and Instagram.

Words: Katta Hules. Images courtesy of the artist.

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