Stellium by Christian Orrillo.

Christian Orrillo’s gorgeous multi-colored portraits are eye-catching, alien, and ethereal. The South American artist (originally from Cajamarca, Peru and currently based in Chile), was first inspired by manga and Disney animation, and he has carried the themes of bright color, beauty, futurism with him as his work evolved. 

Anemone by Christian Orrillo.

In each work, I seek to entertain the spectator, to give them access to a unique thematic and chromatic universe, with its own iconography and language. My work is probably my way of predicting an idyllic future and also a way of self-exploration, where ideals, fantasies, and fears [are underlaid in a way] that I would hardly dare to verbalize in the real world,” Orillo said in a statement to TUBE.

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Words: Katta Hules. Images courtesy of the artist.

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