Hosted by the Queer Cultural Center on June 1st, Technotihuacan was scheduled to be a one night only event with DJ Rob Fatal and DJ Bianca Oblivion video-mixing curated selections dedicated to exploring the Afro-Latinx experience, trans identity, border politics, queer sexuality, pornography, spirituality, mujeria, and gender fluidity.

The audio element of the show started with techno rhythms remixed with Latin music. The sound hung heavy in the air and meshed well with the visual element, which was extreme, to say the least. Trigger warnings were announced by the DJs about video works containing nudity, needle play, and defecating on American flags, among other things. As the show progressed, the experience shifted to the familiar sounds of Death Grips coupled with memes that would make the cut for a vaporwave album cover. The show came to an end with a dubstep remix of Enya’s “Only Time.”

Many of the attendees that night didn’t know that the show was a one night only event. Asking Rob Fatal after the show how long the show was making a run or when the next event will be. Fatal later admitted that he does want other iterations of Technotihuacan annually, so be on the lookout. 


Photos and Words: Benz Doctolero.

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