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Misfits-12 Hits From Hell: The MSP Sessions (2001)

Caroline Records


For the horror punk genre, The Misfits are royalty and any fan will tell you who they supported through the numerous lineup changes the band has gone through; however,  in 2016, the group reunited and played festival dates with original members (minus the multi-change up of drummers over the years). 12 Hits From Hell: The MSP Sessions, the previously unreleased debut, is the closest recording fans can get to new music with the current lineup.


Classics such as “Halloween,” “Horror Hotel,” and “Ghouls Night Out” make the cut as staples of what made this band significant to the hardcore punk and goth.  And adding on the tracklist are remixed versions of “Where Eagles Dare” and “Skulls”, as well as a new track called “London Dungeon.” When the album was pulled at the last minute, selected songs from this album made their way on compilations such Collection I and Collection II, but it would only be a matter of time that an actual copy would be let loose for fans to find. Diehard fans (or more appropriately, “fiends”) may not get a new album from the original members anytime soon, but this piece is a necessity in any Misfits collection.


Words: Jake Monka

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