Untitled Illustration by Ver.

Glasglow-based illustrator and painter Ver creates new worlds in their work. Though they are “pretty much always working on books and comics for local UK conventions,” as Ver told TUBE. in a recent interview, their current focus is a primer/guide to a post-apocalyptic world and a short cycle of reality-bending comics called SHIFT.

Shift Issue 2 Cover by Ver

SHIFT follows a young man named Daniel “and the rather inexplicable reality-altering things that happen to him.” The primer, tentatively titled “The World Fell, But We Remained,” is planned as a collection of illustrations and concept art for “a strange, scarred world and its lingering inhabitants.” Find Ver and their sometimes eerie, sometimes lovely, sometimes nerdy work on Twitter and Tumblr.

Words: Katta Hules. Images courtesy of the artist.

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