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Mad Parade-Mad Parade (1984)

Gutterwail Records


During the explosion of Los Angeles punk in the 1980’s, Mad Parade was one of the few bands to connect the rawness of heavy punk sounds with melodic sensibilities. The new reissue of their debut, released through Gutterwail Records, is an introduction, proudly showcasing their style of West Coast punk anthems.


In an album clocking in under 25 minutes, songs such as  “One Tin Soldier” and “Hollywood Vampires” deliver a straightforward assault of Clash-style guitars with hardcore drumming. In songs like “Sex and Violence,” vocalist Billy Ledges addresses the benign bullshit being broadcast on American TV: guns, God and the genocide of anything that was counterculture during this time.  Although power chords and palpitating drum beats were enough to get the crowd going, adding harmonies in the choruses (such as “Animal Riot”) was a new element that gave groups like Mad Parade and others (i.e. Bad Religion, Social Distortion) a more distinct sound that really stood out amongst their peers. And as a bonus, this reissue gives longtime fans not only a remastering of the whole album but four additional tracks that were not included on the original debut.  



Words: Jake Monka

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