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Various- IV3SCR (2015)

Italian Records


Skinny ties, synths, and Sicily–this compilation repressed from Italian Records showcases Italy’s unsung new wave artists during the years of 1981-1983. From the first notes that come blaring from the speakers, the groups featured seem heavily influenced by what was coming out of the early stages of the English new wave and post-punk movement. Gigolo Look’s “Elegant” lays out a punk dance track with classical piano riffs, disco guitar, and hazy vocals.


What made new wave a groundbreaking genre was the ability to utilize electronic instruments and the ability to make people go into a dancing frenzy. For example, Sexy Angels’ “Mathematic Mind” and Mess’ “Get Proud” show the rest of Europe, and the world, they could drum faster and create as equally catchy keyboard riffs as contemporaries like Devo and Joy Division. The bands featured on this compilation may not have had the same success like their peers Depeche Mode or Duran Duran; however, this re-press shows the infectious dance music of the genre was able to spread far past the borders of the UK.  


Words: Jake Monka.

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