We caughtぐうたら狂 Gūtara KYŌ at the Press Club in Sacramento CA. while on their first US tour from Japan.  Gūtara KYŌ live is captivating, their music is raw and their stage performance is intense. During the entire set, the band was climbing above the crowd, leaping into the pit and running, kicking, and jumping their way across the stage.

Though the band claims that they only listen to live Japanese music, they have the fast, loud and furious soul of late 70s American hardcore.

Slovenly Recordings released a 10 inch of Gūtara KYŌ in December of 2017.  The record is good, however, seeing the band live is insane. They have a few dates left on their US tour which you can find here.

We had a little chat with singer Matsumoto Ryo to talk about the band and hear what they think about their first US tour. Read on to hear what he had to say.

Gūtara KYŌ at the Press Club. Sacramento CA. April 2018. Photo Melissa Uroff

TUBE: Tell us about your band.

Gūtara KYŌ: I formed Gūtara KYŌ in Kobe, Japan in 2009. It is a Japanese punk band. The bass player has changed to a new member (since the start of the band).

T: How long have you been playing music?

GK: Everyone has played music for about 15 years.

T: Who are your influences?

GK: I think that it (Gūtara KYŌ’s music) is affected by various Japanese bands. Including Japanese punk, Japanese rock or Japanese folk.

T: What is your favorite music to listen to? Do you listen to American music? If yes who do you listen to?

GK: It is punk or hardcore. I do not listen to foreign music, not any from the USA.

T: Is touring different in the US than it is in Japan?

GK: This tour of the USA is our first time since we never tour in Japan. I am surprised that the road is wide.

T: What are some of your favorite things about the United States?

GK: There are plenty of foods and plenty of people who like music.

Gūtara KYŌ at the Press Club. Sacramento CA. April 2018. Photo Melissa Uroff

T: What is the music scene like in Japan?

GK: In Japan, live houses (venues) are not popular. There are very few people who like punk.

T: Where can we find your music?

GK: Since Slovenly has released a 10-inch record it can be bought in the USA. There is also a little video on YouTube. But I think that the first thing is to come to the live house.

T: Tell us something odd about Americans behaviors.

GK: There are many people shouting on the road. There are many people who come in as smoking cigarettes.

Gūtara KYŌ at the Press Club. Sacramento CA. April 2018. Photo Melissa Uroff

T: Anything else you would like us to know?

GK: There is nothing in particular.

Big thanks to Rin Ishioka for translating for us.  Words and photos Melissa Uroff.


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