The Gogol Bordello and Lucky Chops tour came through The Fillmore in San Francisco to play two sold-out nights in a row at the end of last month. Opening act Lucky Chops warmed up the building with their seemingly endless amount of energy. All brass and drums, Lucky Chops had a great sound and an intimate visual performance. During their set, members of the band would stand on the edge of the stage and point their horns at the audience while jumping up and down. Each instrument played solos with even the drummer using the sousaphone player’s instrument as a percussive piece during a drum solo.


Gogol Bordello put on a high energy Roma punk set, complete with crowd surfing. Members of Lucky Chops even performed alongside Gogol Bordello for several songs. The chemistry was perfect as both bands jammed on stage together. People were happily packed towards the front, where a couple very loose mosh pits popped up. Loose, because it wasn’t your typical circle with people thrashing and doing crazy windmill arms. It was more that people were lightly throwing themselves into each other and dancing wildly. They were probably some of the smiliest, nicest moshers.

Photos and words: Anouk Nexus.

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