Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, CA, GWAR performed to a venue filled to the brim with freaks, punks, and metalheads. Coming out of Richmond, Virginia, GWAR prides itself in being warped within their mythos of sci-fi mutants from another planet.  Theatrical live shows and music videos include cutting public figures (i.e Donald J. Trump) in half, sodomizing, ripping body parts off, and of course squirting blood, lots and lots of blood (really cold blood at that) on the audience.

The tour was in support of the release of the bands latest album The Blood of the Gods.  The Blood of Gods features Micheal Bisop (known on stage as Blothar) on main vocals after the untimely passing of GWARs original vocalist Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) in March of 2014.

U.S Bastards and He Is Legend performed as well, however where the show really kicked off was when Oakland-based thrash metal band Ghoul took the stage.  Ghoul’s live act is in the same realm as GWAR and includes crazy costumes, skits, and fake blood. The entire evening was a heavy metal carnival of skits, fake blood and poop, and the band’s trademark extremely brutal costume designs.


Words and Photos by Cam Evans

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