Sunday, October 15th, some of our regions best craft breweries are going to show off their hoppy goodness at Fat  Mike’s Punk in Drublic Craft Beer and Music Festival. TUBE. heard New Glory was creating something special for the event, so we headed on down to get the deets on what’s brewing.

New Glory Brewery is not like the rest. For starters, the can art is AMAZING. All labels are beautifully designed by Local Graphic artist Erica Lux. Cans are covered in vibrant patterns from hops to dinosaurs, geometric shapes to loud-mouthed cartoons, providing a hint of the delicacy inside.  Her designs are unconventional for beer but a nice respite from the standard shiny can.

We also found a beer for every pallet.  From an easy drinking ale, caffeine forward vanilla chia coffee porter, to a complex double IPA, there is a beer for everyone.  We sat down with Kyle Leddy, Head Brewer to talk beer and see why New Glory Craft Brewery is the most punk rock brewery in Sacramento.

TUBE: Every beer tends to have its own personality. The personality of punk rock is DIY with a dash of No Fucks Given. What past or present New Glory beer is the most punk rock?

Kyle Leddy: “As bizarre as it is, I’d say our Kool Aid Pale Ale “Wall Breaker” is pretty punk rock. Everyone said it wouldn’t work, and that it’s against tradition, yadda yadda, but I said: “Who Cares?”. We made a small amount of it for our tasting room and a few select accounts, and the reception was pretty awesome actually. Imagine a hoppy pale ale, that just “wreaks” of tropical punch kool aid. I think a lot of customers tried it for the novelty but ended up getting full pints after they actually tasted it. What’s more punk than alcoholic kids drinks?!haha”

T: You are brewing a limited release special beer for Punk in Drublic craft beer festival. How did you come up with the name Don’t Call Me Nelson?

KL: We were listening to punk records, trying to brainstorm on something that wasn’t too cliche, or that has been done before. We wanted something that most, if not all, punks would recognize the reference, but also something that very much correlates with the beer, and the spirit of the brewery. We really listen to the music, and the majority of New Glory’s employees consider themselves to be a part of the “counter-culture” or whatever you want to call it. With the current trend in beer to use hip hop names/references, we’ve been going opposite way and working in punk song names and references in our beer and art.

T: What should we expect from Don’t Call Me Nelson?

KL: Our limited release “Don’t Call Me Nelson” that we’re doing for Punk in Drublic is a single hopped unfiltered IPA with Nelson Sauvin hops. Nelson Sauvin brings notes of sauvignon blanc grapes and a dank diesel character. The concept that the dankness of the hop will remind drinkers of being in the crowd at a punk show and someone inevitably sparks up next to you. Whether they partook or refrained, it’s a shared experience for all Punks.

T: You have some of the most unique can art around. Where does the inspiration come from?

KL: “Speaking of art, all of our promotional materials are made in-house, from can labels to posters to our brewery logo itself, by the very talented Erica Lux. She has been a member of the team from day 1, which is partly to do with the fact that she is our Founder’s, Julien Lux, wife; but we probably would have hired her anyway, if we could have afforded her, haha. We’re very proud of the fact that all of our designs and marketing are DIY, and we work very closely with local printers for our posters, merch, glassware, etc, to keep our quality high but keep our local economy strong.”

New Glory Craft Brewery, established in 2013, truly embodies that DIY punk rock ethos. Head on down to the taproom this week to taste another punk rock inspired brew in Loud Mouth or get a preview of Ubahdank an easy drinking West Coast style IPA they will be pouring at the festival.

Julien Lux created a craft brewery with a goal to bring delicious, complex craft beer to Sacramento and New Glory is doing just that. Head on down to the tasting room at 8251 Alpine Avenue and do not forget to visit all the participating breweries Sunday, October 14th at Fat Mikes: Punk in Drublic Craft Beer and Music Festival. You can follow brew house shenanigans on Instagram @newglorycrew and @newglorybrewery and check Facebook for brewery events and beer release dates.

Other Sacramento breweries included in the festivities are:

The Deets: Punk in Drublic: Craft Beer and Music Festival, Saturday, October 15th1600 Exposition Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95815.

Red Tape: 21 and over

What’s better than a Sunday Funday day drinking at a craft beer festival? A Sunday Funday day drinking at a craft beer festival with punk rock!!

Words and Photos Joey Miller

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