2017 marks the third year of Sacramento’s Ladyfest, a celebration of those who are or identify as female.  Ladyfest took place at the CLARA Auditorium in downtown Sacramento on July 21st and 22nd.  Proceeds from the show went towards the Sacramento non-profit Gender Health Center.

The crowd was diverse and the atmosphere was positive and welcoming.  This years fest had a variety of performances including indie acts such as Monster Treasure and Sunhaze, punk acts Las Pulgas and Dying For It, as well as traditional performances like nonbinaryokay (Library of Musiclandria) and Madison Paige.  Crude Studs, who have been playing together for nearly 4 years, performed their final show at the fest.

Autumn Sky, before her set with Write Or Die, mentioned that Ladyfest was her “vacation from the real world” which summed up the experience perfectly.  We cannot wait until next year!

Learn more about Sac Ladyfest here.

Photos Cam Evans

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