15578492_10154739739246678_6452165515304225863_nAfter nine sexy years, the Sizzling Sirens are taking a bow. While the burlesque group is not coming to an end, they are transitioning to a “non-producing troupe,” says founder Jay Siren. Although they will still perform together from time to time, Siren will no longer be producing shows in the Sacramento area after their finale this weekend.

“With the close of Assembly Music Hall a couple of years ago, our ability to continue producing at that capacity suddenly became stunted within the Midtown/Downtown area. Though we have enjoyed many smaller projects since then, such as 3-2-1…Sizzle! and Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at the Sacramento Comedy Spot … it seemed like a natural next step to shift our focus to some other personal and creative projects that we couldn’t focus on while producing regular/full-length monthly events,” says Siren.

Jay Siren of The Sizzling Sirens. Photo Melissa Uroff

Siren grew up in a “relatively theatrical environment,” having heard about burlesque but did not understand its cultural impact until 2007, when she attended a show in Chicago. She “instantly fell in love with the magic of burlesque at the local live level.” Siren moved to Sacramento shortly after and began looking for shows to attend, but “there was no community to speak of currently active.” So she decided the city was ripe for a new troupe and the Sirens were born.

Siren filed for a business license as The Sizzling Sirens Burlesque Experience and cast her first troupe in 2008. The name stemmed from Siren’s love of alliteration and desire to convey both strength and “that sexy/silly balance that makes burlesque so unique.” Their first formal event was in June of that year at Parlare Euro Lounge in Downtown. The show was a mix of performance art and dance which, “generated a lot of excitement and solidified my resolve to continue on the path of bringing burlesque entertainment to the Sacramento region.” Since then, the troupe’s style has become much more comedic and imaginative, utilizing the “skills and talent of the cast,” Siren says.

“It has been a true pleasure to bring sizzling entertainment to the Sacramento region over the course of all these years (and most of my adult life), and work with some of the most talented, hard-working, caring and lovely performers I could ever hope to call my family,” says Siren, calling Sacramento “a unique place” and expressing hope that “the alternative arts scene continues to flourish and grow as the city does.”

Jay Siren of The Sizzling Sirens. Photo Melissa Uroff
Jay Siren of The Sizzling Sirens. Photo Melissa Uroff

The Siren’s last show is January 21st at Harlow’s (2708 J St, Sacramento). Doors open at 7:30 pm and there is a half an hour pre-show at 8:30. The preshow is a surprise but rest assure there are two full sets of “Siren favorites” and the night will be filled with what Siren calls, “Siren-style antics and sizzling surprises!” Though seated tickets sold out before Christmas, there are still standing room tickets left. “There is A LOT of love and attention going into this last full-length production, and it is definitely not to be missed!”

Learn more about the Sizzling Sirens on their website or Facebook.

Words: K. Hules.

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