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Tele Novella, Bellygunner, The Rippers, Ghoul School.

December 72016, The Red Museum, located in Sacramento CA, hosted a benefit show to help those affected by the recent fire at the Ghost Ship artist warehouse in Oakland, CA.

Sacramento-based pop-rock cuties, Ghoul School, kicked off the night, warming up the crowd with dreamy songs such as “Dogsong”.

The Rippers followed Ghoul School with a new wave, indie rock sound.

As the night carried on, Bellygunner and Tele Novella played to a packed house. Bellygunner’s lead singer, Gabriel Nelson, was quirky and charismatic as he talked to the crowd throughout their set and told the meanings behind the band’s songs.

Tele Novella, brought the night to a close, and boy, they did not disappoint. Lead singer, Natalie Ribbons was sick that night, but that didn’t stop her lively, energetic personality from shining through.

Don’t forget to go out and support the local talent right here in Sacramento. We have so much of it!

Words and Photos Anouk Nexus


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