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A Golden Green Agnes Obel.


If you like strange yet entrancing music videos with haunting music reminiscent of Kimbra, take a look at Danish artist Agnes Obel’s single ‘Golden Green.’ The video is a collage of animation, both beautiful and unnerving, dancing on the edge of the Uncanny Valley. The song itself is sparse, held together by a xylophone-like percussion, clapping and Obel’s voice. Though the track seems to be composed of bright sounds, somehow they are woven together to create an eerie, ghostly track. See it for yourself below.

You can also check out the similarly mesmerizing video of ‘It’s Happening Again,’ Obel’s second single, below.

‘Golden Green’ is off of Obel’s new album Citizen of Glass which was released last month. Obel is coming to North America for the first time in two years soon, so catch her on tour in 2017!


Words: K. Hules


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