Sallie Ford Photo: Trippe Davis

Portland musician Sallie Ford has released a new single. ‘Get Out’ is a venting of insecurities. Ford says it is about “how my insecurities of my music are related to the insecurities I feel about me in general. I tend to want to give up or easily feel overwhelmed and want to escape.” The song certainly carries that sensation of being overwhelmed, Ford’s cries of “I gotta get out!” backed by frenetic percussion and a fifties guitar tone. Listen below.

‘Get Out’ is the first single off of the musician’s upcoming album, Soul Sick, Ford’s second since her previous band The Sound Outside parted ways in 2013. While her debut album Slap Back was an “ode to all babe rockers” as she states on her Facebook page, Soul Sick is more personal. “This is a ‘confessional’ album. It’s about struggling with my issues – some that I’ve overcome and some that I still carry around. I felt confused, down about life and unsure of myself,” Ford says. Writing the album was cathartic for her, it “taught me a lot about myself and helped me to heal.”

Soul Sick is coming out February 10th, 2017 but can be preordered now on Amazon and iTunes. Catch Ford on tour that month as well in the Northwest.

2/15/17 Spokane WA The Bartlett
2/16/17 Bellingham WA Wild Buffalo
2/17/17 Seattle WA Sunset Tavern
2/18/17 Portland OR Mississippi Studios

Words: K. Hules

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