San Kazakgascar

San Kazakgascar describes itself as “quasi-Middle Eastern/Indian psychedelia.” The description is a fitting one as the Sacramento band takes Middle Eastern and Indian sounds, which are already often associated with hippy mind-altering experiences, and weaves them in hypnotic patterns. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of Dead Can Dance and the sitar music of Ravi Shankar that inspired George Harrison and the Beatles’ transcendental period.

The band has recently released a new EP. Twice-Baked Coma is a twisty instrumental romp with droning sax and driving percussion,  probably inspired by the addition of sax/keyboard/percussion player Tony Passarell and drummer Robert Kennedy to the line up. It seems to call for dark rooms, swirling colors, and time for contemplation. San Kazakgascar’s previous release, last year’s First Nation Spy, a 7 inch of two songs, was much more bass heavy and urgent, featuring background chants and spoken word that have disappeared completely from the new EP.

San Kazakgascar is a great band to listen to while in search of inner peace and eclectic thought patterns. You can hear both Twice-Baked Coma and First Nation Spy above. To listen to their four other previous releases, check out their website here.

Words: K. Hules

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