Stepping into the Red Museum on Sunday July 17th was like walking into a different world. Starting off the night was The Sunmonks. Their singing takes their listeners on an emotional journey; it’s something that’s purely their own, but is something you can relate to. A couple of the songs they played during their set were “Roaming Home” and “In a Desert of Plenty.” Alexandra Steele and Geoffrey CK’s beautiful harmonies and layered instrumentals complemented each other. They made little whoops and chirps like they’re calling one another. It was dreamy and joyous.

Pulling together from all over the world, Moe Meguro was a four piece band. They were both math rock and experimental with unique chord structures and vocal harmonies. A couple of the songs they played were “Today’s Happiness” and “Jojo Too.” Their music was high energy and a wall of sound.

Separate Spines made their way to the stage from the back room with rhythmic clapping. It set a mysterious mood and built up anticipation for what was coming next. Separate Spines have an electronic/industrial/experimental sound—with melody and chanting colliding. Among their set they played, “Dead Souls” and “Superhuman.” Vocalists Buddy Hale and Sydney Jones became part of the crowd, as they crawled and writhed through it. It almost seemed like their bodies were possessed and taken over by the rhythmic beats. It felt like whatever was driving them to move like that, was pulling the audience in, too, to be possessed by the music. The smoke from the incense sticks swirled in the air, as shadows cascaded on the walls, almost seeming to take on a life their own.


Words and Photos Anouk Nexus

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