This week’s Concerts in the Park had a variety of genres mashed into one epic night. Soft Science was a fun, indie rock band from Sacramento. PointDexter had awesome instrumentals with an intense rhythm section, strong guitar solos and a charismatic lead singer. A highlight from their set was singer/saxophonist, Kevin Kinsella jumping off stage to play amongst the audience, exciting the crowd to cheer and dance.

As the night went on and the cool breeze kicked in, more people poured in to watch Hans! and the HOT MESS and their groovy, funky, soul music. The crowd fed off the singer’s energy just as much as he fed off theirs. Drop Dead Red ended the night. This bluesy, soulful band with underlying classic rock influences owned the park that night with their sound, so much so that when firetrucks passed by, you could not even hear them. Funny, sassy lead singer Carly DuHain sent a strong message about loving each other despite our differences. She closed the night with the Beatles’ classic tune “With a Little Help From My Friends.” Stay tuned for next Friday’s Concerts in the Park with Some Fear None, Cemetery Sun, Sages, Heartbreak Time Machine, and DJ Oasis.

Words and Photos: Anouk Nexus.

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