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Eliot Sumner Questions the Species

Eliot Sumner. Photo: Nicholas Alan Cope.

Eliot Sumner. Photo: Nicholas Alan Cope.

British musician Eliot Sumner is making a solo debut splash. The singer, formerly of I Blame Coco, is the third of Sting’s children and has a remarkably androgynous sound. This is appropriate as the singer recently stated they did not believe in gender labels and did not identify with any particular gender. Sumner’s vocals are low and smoky, similar to those of Sting and the instrumentation accompanying them are alternately murkily atmospheric and upbeat.

The singer recently dropped their first album, Information, which features catchy songs like ‘Halfway to Hell’ and darker, more probing pop numbers such as ‘Species.’ Listen for yourself (headphones recommended).

Sumner is making a brief sojourn through the US to support Information and rounding it off with a stop in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Check out the tour dates below.

6/21       Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour

6/22       San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s

Words: K. Hules


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