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An Exciting Concert In The Park

Last night’s Concerts in the Park was a blast. There was a diversity of genres but a consistently high-energy sound to get the blood pumping: Hail the Sun, Kill the Precedent, Peace Killers, and NMBRSTTN. The bands worked the crowd up into a small but whirling mosh pit. Some of the other sights were skateboarders, mohawks and torn jean jackets with buttons on them. Even though it was more of a punk and heavier night, there was a variety of people enjoying themselves.

Some of the notable food trucks of the night were Cecil’s Taste (Sactown Street Fries!) and Drewski’s (Tat’chos!), both of which were very filling and yummy snacks.

Be sure not to miss next week’s lineup: Authority Zero, Another Damn Disappointment (ADD), The O’Mulligans, and Little Tents.  

Words and Photos: Anouk Nexus.


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