Rikki Morehouse of SacCirque on stage at the Blue Lamp for the 2016 TUBE Circus. Photo Melissa Uroff.

Each year TUBE. gathers our strange, creative and talented friends together for our version The Circus.  The show is a whirlwind of variety, complete with visual arts, costumes, music and stage performances ranging from vaudeville to traditional sideshow acts. Performances from new Sacramento residents The Displayed Labors Sideshow and a visit from MOM, made this years Circus freakier than it has ever been before.  We fell in love with contortionist Rikki Morehouse, of SacCirque and welcomed back The Handstand Nation for their second time performing at The Circus.

Tarot card readings were offered by Rachel Gomez.  Visual Artists included Denae DavisMolly Devlin, Meg Myers, Billy EwingFlanders FeenstraMark Fox, Izze Greene (socialimg), Rachel Harcourt, Andrew Hooper, Filthy Forry, Lauren MargauxLuke SandersArthur Slagter, and Micah Young.

Video artist Andrew Hooper made a video special for The Circus. 

Performances by  The Displayed Labors SideshowDraco DiaboloThe Handstand Nation, Patty La Melt, MOM, Kat McMahon, Klaiber the Klown, Lighthouse Mermaid Productions, Rikki Morehouse of SacCirqueRuben Pena III, Val “Mystery”, and SpaceWalker.

Portland based band The Lower 48 brought the night to a close.

Words Melissa Uroff

Photos Cheryl Uroff and Melissa Uroff

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