Sometimes being at a party is like riding a wave of energy, full of fun and interesting people. Sometimes though, you end up stuck in someone’s bedroom–alone and wondering how long you can hide in there before some couple tries to use the bed. This is the kind of party New York musician and producer Rena is at in her new music video. Rena’s single ‘Symptoms of Youth’ is an overwhelming litany of drugs and inebriated states culminating in an anxious chorus underlaid with a pop-punk beat. “Maybe it’s a symptom of my youth,” she sings, “Maybe what the doctor says is true.” The music video is full of strange people licking pizza, dogs, and each other. Just the kind of party where hiding in a bedroom seems like a valid option. Watch below.

“We wanted to do something that was appropriately angsty for the song, but also poking fun at it,” Rena explains.”On the surface the song seems like a celebration of these party antics, but really when I wrote it, I was tired of all of it. As a person with social anxiety, working in bars and clubs was very overwhelming and overstimulating. This song is actually about being wildly depressed amidst a crazy party, which is ironic and kind of silly in and of itself.”

The song is off of the singer’s new five track EP Rude Chick. The other single, the eponymous ‘Rude Chick’ is more punk than pop with grittier guitars and a lovely nasty megaphone effect on Rena’s voice. With a style reminiscent of Alice Cooper, she projects badass confidence and sexual dominance while celebrating rude ladies everywhere.

Rude Chick dropped May 6th. The track list is as follows.

1. Rude Chick
2. Symptom Of Youth
3. Take Me Away
5. Nothing Ever Satisfies Me
6. Any Way That It Was Before

Words: K. Hules.

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