The Bootleg Theater is a small, red velvet swathed venue in Los Angeles with an upside down ‘Cocktails’ sign over a bar that only sells beer and wine. The night started when opening act Alexandra Savior and her band began their set. Their music was mellow, melodic, and melancholy. The singer sang with almost sulky ennui and occasional flashes of self-conscious smiles. It was entrancing and then they were gone, without much interaction with the crowd. They were followed by Bulls, a shoegaze band fronted by Anna Bulbrook, who is known for her violin work with Airborne Toxic Event.

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Finally, the Mynabirds came on stage. Laura Burnhenn, the singer-songwriter behind the band, slid down behind her glowing piano facade, a pile of glowing bulbs at her feet and roses on her piano that matched the ones pinned to the members of her backing band. They started off the set with ‘All My Heart,’ the catchy first track off of Burnhenn’s new album, Lovers Know. They played through several songs off the new album, making the crowd dance and sway with ‘Semantics’ and older tunes like ‘Numbers Don’t Lie.’ Burnhenn introduced the haunting number ‘Velveteen’ by talking about its new music video, which she urged the crowd to watch because in it she “may or may not have killed Reece Richardson,” her guitarist, and because there’s “lot’s of blood.” Judge for yourself below.

Burnhenn’s soulful voice carried the show through slow songs, upbeat songs, and a pretty cover of Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day.’ Combined with her stage presence and talented backing band, the set flew by. The Mynabirds were a lovely show, full of fun, poignancy, and great energy.

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Words and Photos: K. Hules.

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