Sally’s Diner, the elusive and strange alt-rock duo has released some new, long-awaited songs. The band, consisting of Sweet keyboardist Stevie Stewart and Stage Bender comedian Kim Thomasson, have not released any tracks since TUBE.’s interview with them almost exactly two years ago. To make up for this, Sally’s Diner has just dropped four new singles off of their upcoming Things That Kill Ya collection. Here’s a breakdown of their new singles.

‘Radiation’ is an upbeat song full of dark humor and great synth bits. It pokes somewhat disturbing fun at the dangers of radiation, with lines like “think I got a lethal dose making buttered jelly toast.” Listen to the explosive track below.

‘Pills’ is a sarcastic love song to the pharmaceutical industry. A topic that, with both Stewart’s and Thomasson’s pain problems and past surgeries, the band has quite a lot of expertise on. Listen to the happy little song below.

‘Electricity’ is a narrative of a series of darkly comic deaths. A manic set of cautionary tales, the song will make the listener giggle and dance. Listen to this shocking little ditty below.

In the final single, ‘Chem Trails,’ the band uses Thomasson’s megaphone-magnified voice to bring  low level menacing insanity to the track. “Nothing to see here people,” he rasps, “Just putting tinfoil on my windows.” The song then leaves you with the worrisome line, “All of society is poisoned now.” Listen to the insidious track below.

Words: K. Hules.

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