PEARS. Photo by Jackie Jones
PEARS. Photo by Jackie Jones

PEARS, the fast-paced punk band fresh off last summer’s re-release of their first and increasingly popular album Go To Prison, is ready to drop their new album Green Star. The album is not a rehash of their previous work, according to singer and frontman Zach Quinn. “I thought it was really important that we didn’t want to make Go To Prison 2. We had no desire to make the same record. We wanted to take the next natural step. Not walk sideways, but forward.” This is not to say that it goes in a completely different direction. The album is just as aggressively frenetic as their previous albums and even has re-recordings of “Snowflake” and “Anhedonia” from their last EP Letters to Memwa along with many new tracks. Listen to the original records from the EP below.

One new element in Green Star is the use of piano, composed and played by Quinn. The instrument is used twice on the album: in ‘Jump The Fuckin’ Ship’ and ‘Dizzy is Drunk.’ Both songs are short but sweet interludes in the dizzying pace of the album. “‘Jump The Fuckin’ Ship’ was something I recorded at my dad’s house a couple years ago. I didn’t re-record it or anything, we just used that recording. ‘Dizzy Is Drunk’ is called that because I got a phone call when I was writing it that was a friend of mine telling me another friend of mine, Dizzy, was very, very drunk,” said Quinn.

While PEARS still exercises their sense of humor, Green Star is more serious album than its predecessor. “Green Star is about making choices to become a person you don’t like in order to protect yourself,” Quinn admits. “The whole thing is being the child that God forgot and defying that. Defying the world.” The only single released, ‘Green Star’ is a fast-paced, catchy track with nice moments of vulnerability. Listen to the album’s self-titled single below.

Green Star will be released on April 1st from Fat Wreck Chords. PEARS is touring around the world, check out their tour dates here.

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