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Image Porous Walker via Instagram.

Sex is such a pervasive force in our culture it is rendered all but invisible. A quick experiment: next time during a trip downtown, make a tally of how many times a sexual image presents itself. The number will be surprisingly high. Sex is ubiquitous and used so prominently in advertising it is rendered unrecognizable.

Napa-based artist Porous Walker aims to wake his fans up to this background radiation of curves and mouths. Mostly simple cartoons featuring boners and buttholes, his work makes sex obvious once more, yet not shameful. Rather it is quite the opposite. By making light of boobies and butt cracks and putting them in ridiculous situations (one cartoon involves the sexual positions possible with pizza), Porous Walker forces us to confront the gooey, embarrassing, humorous and liberating parts of being human.

The viewer is made aware of the pervasive nature of not only sex, but also aggression, the Internet, and many other things we blind ourselves to.

Check out more of Porous Walker’s work on Instagram or on his website.

Words by Evan Nyarady.

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