Celebrating this year’s Sacramento Fashion Week at Beatnik Studios on Wednesday was truly something to behold. As the line grew, so did the excitement and chatter. People were milling about, talking, looking at the booths, and trying to find a good seat to view the event. It was packed.

As the MC announced that the films were about to start, people gathered around the catwalk. Each film was around five minutes long and featured local directors and talent. This year’s Fashion on Film was honoring the great David Bowie, and each film was inspired by a Bowie song. A set of films were played between each designer.

A few of the films that stood out were:

“Life” directed by Blake Newman, an artistic film where the models looked like they were shot through a kaleidoscope.

Anarchy Eyelash” by SpaceWalker, music video by Matthew Gilliam is fun, playful and had a rebellious feel. SpaceWalker has its own eclectic sound, with a strong female vocalist. They have an upcoming show March 3rd at the Starlite Lounge. Go check them out and get your groove on.

Frans Loriaux, Photography” by Joe Gonzalez, a clear, sharply shot video that promotes Frans Loriaux’s photography. He focuses on portraits, headshots and editorial fashion shoots and takes very sharp, beautiful images.

The first models came out wearing Janelle Cardenas designs. Their strikingly melancholic, doll-like eye make-up, long lacy dresses, and chunky jewelry captured people’s gazes.

Monica Buo’s designs were minimalistic outfits perfect for a girl’s summer stroll on the beach.

Next up was Hill Tribe, featuring colorful eye makeup, which seemed like a nod to David Bowie. The material looked paper and tulle-like, and most of the models had bold headdresses. Their unique sculptural designs definitely stood out.

Faatui Toele, the last designer, has previously sold his designs at local boutiques such as The Denim Spot. His dresses were fun, sexy and were perfect for a night out on the town.

Sacramento has some awesome talent. Click on the links to check them out and support the local arts.

Words and Photos: Anouk Heimbach.

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