Cane Morto Amo-Te Lisbona Still
Still from Amo-Te Lisbona, courtesy of Cane Morto.

Cane Morto’s film Amo-Te Lisboa: An Ignominious Street Art Movie is now available online! A somewhat surrealist take on the Italian street art collective’s unauthorized painting activities in Lisbon, the film follows them through a two month period of rediscovering their street art roots with the help of other artists like Borondo and RUN as well as a“cruel dead-dog deity called Txakurra, which gives [Cane Morto] the power to paint together as a single person” according to the film’s website. Watch the entire movie below.

They are also working on a new exhibition at Superfluo in Milan, showing pieces they created during a residency at the Section80 exhibition space. TOYS will open on February 26th in Milan. Cane Morto describes it as a continuation of Amo-Te Lisboa and promise more information forthwith. Check out the movie’s site here.

Words: K. Hules

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